Expressions in BLUE

My stitch sister and fabulous fiber friend Ife Felix has been creating fashion pieces inspired  by African textiles and styles for decades. Her current muse is Indigo from Guinean; meticulously hand tied or sewn cotton brocade that is then dyed the deepest blue. Ife’s 2018-19 trip to the continent netted her a trunk full of fabric and inspiration as deep as the indigo’s hue. I have jumped into the blue waters as well, creating a few wearable works of my own which include  her fabric acquisitions.

Working in a fashion that I repeat periodically, bold boleros of distinction, I’m creating patchwork jackets and many will contain fabric acquired from Guinea through Ife. Some will be of the dialogue on indigo  while others feature silks from a variety of cultures. These jackets are considered wearable art and are part of my “When My People Get The Blues” series. 

Jacket #1, 2019

Jacket #1, 2019

When My People Get the Blues” is an evolving series of works in a variety of mediums by Laura R. Gadson that explore colors, moods and cultured expressions birthed by hued people of the world.


Swing Top with pockets from Ife Felix’s Guinea Collection #2