Working in glass again

Its taken me many years but I am back to working in glass. When I moved to Harlem my first home stdio was set up for working in stained glass. I started my glass journey in the late 80’s but by 2000 quilting and fiber arts stole all of my attention. (There is still a large bin of glass stored under my sewing table in the fiber studio.)

In 2017 a family Auntie gave me all of her art glass supplies; drove them right to my door step and helped me drag them into the house. Though I grabbed the treasure trove with open arms I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit this medium back in my life. I was no longer as enthusiastic about working the techniques and steps in creating stained glass but I still loved glass as an artistic medium. A year of soul search and investigation lead me to the world of fused and kiln formed glass where I discovered 2 things: 1. all glass does not play well together and 2. unlike many other things I have learned on my own this fused glass world is easier entered with assistance. I was clear that classes were needed and the Bullseye Glass Resource center in Mamaroneck, NY has become my new haunt.

I will say that my pockets are much lighter; glass is not an inexpensive craft to delve into. I am however a richer artist for taking on this experience and I’ve begun running wildly with sharp objects in hand. Not trading in my fabric scissors for a glass cutter though. I will always be a quilter and a fiber artist but I give myself permission to be other things too.

sunface 2 night.jpg

Sun Moon Plate