Gone Crazy in Rhinebeck NY

Recently  I journeyed to the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY with Harlem Needle Arts 13th excursion. A fabulous day with friends and creatives like the awesome fiber artist Xenobia Bailey, historic fashion maven Sara Bunn and designer & seamstress extrodinaire Cassandra Bromfield to name drop a few. Whether artist or novice we all enjoyed a lovely though unseasonably brisk day among the trees, animals, wonderful fibers and things made from them.

Though I bought my ticket early I’d though about not going since my money was minimal and my will power against buying almost non existent. Since I have been eating better by cooking more I figured I’d go on the trip, stop by the wine tasting (our usual first stop of the day) and buy my usual case from Hunt Country wines, find some honey and other healthy eatables and the zip the wallet shut. Almost made it under budget until my latest discovery ... Loop Fiber Studio. There is where rational thinking stopped and creative madness took over. Hadn't I just bought a kings ransome worth of fused glass supplies at the Bullseye semi annual sale? Where is the time to create with this new premium priced yarn? What happens to my master plan? All sanity flew out of my head as I made a hefty purchase from Loop fiber studio.

On the bus back to Harlem I YouTubed “Arm knitting” and had a scarf finished by the time I got home. Decided I needed more creative bang for my buck so I discovered finger knitting used for un-spun roving blankets. The possibilities of my fiber find are making me creatively manic which is far from the discipline I really need right now! Wonder if there’s medication for “makers mind”!


Arm knit big fiber scarf that I will probably pull out. 


Finger knit soon to be a jacket collar.